Maple seed necklace

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Lucie Veilleux
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How magnificent is it at spring when the wind is blowing and releasing all those maple seeds from the trees! Flying like helicopters, they land on the ground to pursue their mission to continue the circle of life. This is just one more of mother nature's ingenious design!Not only it's an impressive creation, it's also beautiful, so beautiful i decided to turn them into wearable pieces! I molded then cast a hand picked maple seed in sterling silver and created this inspired necklace. The seed is texture all around, it's an exact replica of the natural one. The piece has a nice weight and falls beautifully at the neck.The seed is 1 5/8" long and you can choose to wear it on a chain adjustable to 16" and 18" or a long 30" chain. The modelled pic shows the 30" necklace accompanied of my cube necklace available here:

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Lucie Veilleux
Based in Québec, Canada

Hello! I'm Lucie, a silversmith from Québec, Canada. My work is inspired by nature and botanical elements, I hope you enjoy it. Please contact me with any question you may have!

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