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sterling silver neckpieceperhaps my most magical piece, this necklace is a captivating collision of real and imaginary. sterling silver casts of seashells and a crab shell team up to form an otherworldly creature you may have seen in your dreams (or nightmares). it’s a little bit madcap, but then again, so are you..*dimensions*chain: 18” long (9” on either side)CQT: 1.5" wideabout 19.5" all around

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Based in montreal, quebec, canada

Inspired by nature and human nature, "RedSofa": is a jewelry line by Montreal designer and silversmith Joanna Szkiela. Organic and edgy pieces for men and women are all about eclectic, unaffected style and understated elegance. RedSofa favors a rough-hewn sterling silver look, mixed with uncut stones, natural wood, fiber, and found objects. check out work...

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