Low Spat Baby Booties

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The story: I have been obsessing about spats for the last two years or so. Trying to explain that I've been working on spat shoes doesn't generally resound with people either so this has been a lone labor of love. I just love the look and how spats are such a unique and clean look. So, after a zillion test patterns and scrapped booties I am thrilled with how these turned out.The product: These booties are made of flexible, stretch cotton. The soles are corduroy to mimic shoe treads. Soles are padded and insides are lined with soft cotton. These high boots fit well on the foot and are not easily kicked off. Please indicate which size you would like:0-5 months - foot length 4 1/4 inches6-9 months - foot length 4 1/2 inches10-12 months - foot length 4 5/8 inchesHeight of the boot is approximately 4 1/4 inchesBecause each baby is unique please do a quick measurement of the bottom of the foot to ensure that you get the perfect size. If you would like exact, custom sizing, please message me and I can make to fit.For more details on sizing and getting the perfect fit feel free to check out the following links to my bloghttp://mabelboutique.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/mabel-sizing-a-stake-in-the-ground-part-1/http://mabelboutique.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/mabel-sizing-picking-the-right-size-for-baby-part-2/

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Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mabel pieces are designed and sewn in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Owner Andrea Jacob is a design enthusiast who has made it her mission to combat cluttered, over-patterned childrenswear. Mabel garments aspire to fuse vintage and modern. Simplified design and retro patterns are the modus operandi.

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