Love and Disappointment - one of a kind Lightbox - wall sconce

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Title: Love & disappointmentThis gorgeous piece features 2 one-of-a-kind real skull x-rays, in a one-of-a-kind wall sconce lightbox. Upon coming across both of these X-rays and the odd connection they seemed to have with one another, with one appearing as though it was bowing out of embarassment, I immediately knew I wanted to design this piece.Each box was handmade to fit the specific size of the X-rays, and both have been left uncovered in the back to provide a wonderful glow beaming across the wall - as pictured. I've concealed the cord with metal pipes which also add to the overall aesthetic, and finally I added an engraved plaque with the title of the piece.The sconce as a whole measures roughly 17.5"w x 14.5"h and comes out about 6 inches from the wall, and comes with two 40W CFL eco-bulbs installed. Also included is an on/off switch which is mounted on the cord, and two long screws for mounting this in the wall - you will want to mount this into a stud.

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Based in Boston, MA

I'm Munstre. I make handmade Lightboxes featuring either my custom designs, or one of a kind real X-Rays for use in your home, or office, or home office! I tend to work with anatomical themed images, but I also photoshop old 8mm film stills from the 60's which I alter slightly to heavily to make...

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