Limited Edition Necklace. Cross pendant. Handmade in blue and yellow glass.

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arquitectura en vidrio
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*Steel & Glass Collection*Two crystals interacting with the steel and intersect.The first is a strong tradition of artistic glass, clear, cold blue tones, polished and faceted, is cut transversely by an opaque and warm glass, just fused and loaded a contemporary concept.The design of the piece reflects Art Deco and the Bauhaus school influence.Limited edition necklace.Each piece is unique because it is made using a traditional process, why can have small variations in color and finish._Materials:_Murano and Bullseye glass.316 stainless steel base polished mirror finish.Stainless steel snake chain 3.4 mm diameter.High quality finishes.Pendant sizes: 75 mm. x 50 mm.Length of necklace: 40 cm.Weight: 50 grams.It comes boxed, an ideal gift!!FREE SHIPPING !!_In our pieces use stainless steel for its corrosion resistance, hardness, hygiene and beauty of finish.__Because our goal is to make comfortable pieces, stainless steel allows us to offer a product with little or no risk of causing an allergic reaction in people sensitive to metals._*We offer the possibility to combine other colors of crystals. For custom orders, check conditions and prices to:*

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arquitectura en vidrio
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My name is Gabriel González, Argentine by birth but I am twelve years ago I live in Barcelona, beautiful Mediterranean city.My artistic life began at age fourteen self-taught. Attracted by the great painters of the Renaissance, I intend to learn the techniques of drawing, painting and printmaking.From the beginning I was attracted by the perfect...

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