life (no.101)

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Life changes from the moment our babies are born. This image shows the love and strength in becoming a mom-how cradling her baby stops time for this moment in life. This design is hand drawn with ink on a 5" x 7" frame-able card. Every card I design is individually hand drawn so they are unique and one of a kind. Each design can be customized (adding dates,names, etc), as well as enlarged in a custom painting on canvas (8" x 10" or larger). Message me for pricing on larger pieces. Check out all designs at

About the Designer

Based in Syracuse, NY

I am an artist and an art teacher. I tell stories through my art, about my life and the people in it. I designed loricards based on my life, my experiences, and the emotions that come with those experiences. My drawing are figurative, but have been simplified, and the lines stylized, to illustrate the idea...

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