Letterpress Art Print: 'Lollie'

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Red Bird Ink
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My husbands grandmother was named Anna Lee but everyone called here Lollie. She was an amazing woman. Her food was scrumptious, her finger waves were gorgeous, and her quilts were incredible. The pattern for this print is derived from a quilt Lollie passed down to us. We created this print for Southern Design Concern's 'Made' show. The theme of the show was handmade. Our normal process is handmade with a little computer work in the beginning. For this piece we tried to take handmade as far as possible. We stepped away from the computer entirely and used old school pencil, paper, rulers and triangles to draft each of the three patterns. Next, we hand cut the photo negatives and used them to burn plates on our homebrew platemaker and the final piece was hand-fed into our foot powered press. Each print was pressed twelve times. Four blue, four yellow and four pink. We used a translucent yellow to create green where the yellow intersects with blue. . . . TECHNICAL INFO . . .- 12"x12"- on ultra thick cotton paper- three color - titled "Lollie" signed by Julia & Collin Farill- limited edition of 20 prints. . .This is an original RED BIRD INK designCopyright © Julia B Farill

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Red Bird Ink is an art, design and letterpress studio in the hot, hot south. We are driven to design by our limitless interest in the world around us. Our mission is to inspire others to feel the same curiosity & delight that we do. Here at the studio, we design and create limited edition...

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