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Vanilla Stone by Mellissa Bushby
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The Vanilla Stone Lemon and Lime Juicer is the perfect accompaniment to the indoor and outdoor summer table, as well as the kitchen counter in the modern home. It's beautiful, elegant, yet ergonomic design is perfect for drizzling sharp fresh citrus over salads (imagine fresh rocket and beetroot salad, or the avo and coriander accompaniment to chilli and chickpea patties), and what would dips be without this ancient accompaniment - hummus, baba ganoush, tapenade... With a whisper of cracked pepper, a flurry of sea-salt and a smattering of peppery olive oil, every meal will become a masterpiece, every gathering an event, from an intimate tete 'a tete to a grand and glorious soiree.Use it for margaritas or whiskey sours, and don't forget the classically wonderful mojito, with the occasional champagne cosmopolitan for luck! For the tee-totallers among us, fresh lemon or lime juice simply needs a basic sugar syrup and crushed ice to be sublime, after all, who doesn’t love home-made lemonade.Spun from elemental porcelain on the potters wheel, the juicer has a hint of blue on the inside, reminiscent of shallow seas, swirls of aqua with the sun shining through onto delicate sand, creating a soft vanilla tone peeping through the pale blue pools.Bear in mind that each piece is handcrafted and distinctively unique, and size and shape may vary somewhat from piece to piece. Also, any superficial imperfections (such as glaze swirls) are simply what make each item exceptional. My porcelain body fires a soft, warm vanilla white, and as is typical to porcelain, is as durable and timeless as stone. Barring breakage, your juicer should last you for years to come. Due to the handmade nature of all Vanilla Stone Earthware, a gentle hand wash is recommended.Dimensions are 4cm (1.5") high by 16cm (6.5") wide© 2013

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Vanilla Stone by Mellissa Bushby
Based in Lowveld, South Africa

Classic yet contemporary, simple yet exquisitely elegant, natural yet refined. Bespoke ceramic ware from Vanilla Stone is the ultimate addition to todays home. Tantalizingly delicate, yet still resilient and durable, this timeless ware brings a dimension of reflective beauty to the much loved and lived in contemporary kitchen, garden or table. The soft and almost...

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