Leave the Car At Home

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Leave the Car at HomeTending a Difficult HopeLend a Hand! Poster SeriesArtist: Robert Colburn3 Color Letterpress PosterPrinted by Rory SparksEm Space, Portland Oregon11 × 17 inches100% Recycled Card StockDamariscotta painter Robert Colburn was born and raised only a short distance from his current home in the small town of Boothbay Harbor. Born to a fashion illustrator and a merchant mariner, and having two grandparents who were artists for The New Yorker magazine, Robert was exposed to art at an early age. While attending Bowdoin College, he was fortunate to study under the painters Thomas Cornell, N.A., Ann Lofquist, Anne Harris, and Jim Phalen and early on decided to pursue art as a career. A believer that a painting goes beyond the image and that quality is reflected as much in the materials used to make a painting as the style or technique used to paint it, Colburn spent a year in Seattle, Washington working for the Daniel Smith Art Supply company. There he came to understand how oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints were made and how their material composition contributes to each color having very unique characteristics when applied to a canvas or paper in the act of creating a painting.

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