Leather Drawer Pull - The Sellwood 12"

$ 43.00
Walnut Studiolo
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Introducing Walnut Studiolo's new collection of Leather Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Handles, named after Portland's bridges. Made of white oak wood and hand-dyed vegetable-tanned leather, the Sellwood 12" is perfect for large drawers and tall cabinets or doors. For more information go to walnutstudiolo.com

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Walnut Studiolo
Based in Portland, OR

Hand-tooled, hand-stitched leather wares designed for function and beauty, and made with love in my workshop in Portland, Oregon. For more about us, check us out on:http://instagram.com/walnutstudiolohttp://twitter.com/walnutstudiolo.comhttp://facebook.com/walnutstudiolo

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