Le Petit Bike Earrings by Rachel Pfeffer

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Rachel Pfeffer Designs
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I've worn a pair of these bike earrings twice so far and each time a stranger has approached me and said how amazing they were! They are far more comfortable than they look- a sturdy sterling silver post makes the bike look like it's merely floating on your ear lobe! They are sterling silver and handmade and will be sure to spruce up any outfit!

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Rachel Pfeffer Designs
Based in Washington DC

My name is Rachel Pfeffer. Pfeffer means pepper in German, but I've never been to Germany, nor am I German.I majored in sculpture in college, and now I make teeny sculptures that you can wear! I come from a wide line of jewelers- my father, both uncles (two different sides), and two cousins. Anything you...

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