Lavender Acorn Sachet

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Filled with dried lavender buds, each sachet is hand made with beautiful cotton swatches and acorn caps. Here's how it's made: I selected my favorite nine patterns, all complementary colors to each other, and filled each one with lavender buds before stitching them up and capping it off with acorn caps. These handful large size lavender sachets are great for your desk, bedside table, or for your hands (just hold them from time to time, and you'll get the soothing lavender scent).A set of nine lavender sachets, made to order (so the lavender scent is kept fresh!)Each piece is approximately 1.5"-2" in size.

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Based in los angeles, california

DELICA is a small design studio in Southern California. It started as a small side project/hobby while working at an architecture office. This year I'm focusing on natural wool as main material to create hand felted pieces using traditional full and wet felting technique. All pieces are one of a kind, and are ready to...

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