Kellar the Magician - stone coasters

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The Painted Lily
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Hocus Pocus!Abracadabra!Have a weird uncle who loves card tricks? And strange cousin who always wears black and looks mysterious?Chances are that they would LOVE these coasters!The mysterious and colorful coasters are made from 4x4 inch, handpicked marble tiles. They are carefully selected for the beauty of their color, texture and natural characteristics.The images are from vintage magic posters featuring the magician Harry Kellar. The original posters were the billboards of their day and were originally stone lithographs, sometimes as large as the side of huge theatre.The images have been applied to the tile using a transparent transfer technique that allows some of the color and character of the tile to show through the image. They have been well sealed to ensure durability.What a neato conversation piece on your coffee table or kitchen counter! Tiny works of art to greet you and your morning coffee or get your party guests talking!

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The Painted Lily
Based in Lancaster, Philadelphia PA

Romantic.Bohemian.Timeless.Poetic.Magical.I started my career as an artist in the performing arts arena as a professional magician, traveling the country and ultimately the world. My design aesthetic has been born from a passion for history, romance, travel, entertainment and the past. The places I visited, particularly in Europe, inspired me with their architecture, local colors and...

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