Jewelry Holder Organizer MAX

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LESS & MORE Vienna
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Jewelry Holder Organizer MAX is designed to delight your inner child. He will take care of a lot of different types of earrings such as stud earrings or clip on earrings, bracelets and short necklaces. A solid hardwood base holds a perforated metal frame that is shaped like a head and face of a funny guy. The two steel bars in the centre are removeable to arrange them for personal need. To prevent your jewelry from dropping down each end of a bar carries a cute natural wood button which you can easily remove for rearranging the bars. At the bottom you find a double-sided collar to hang smaller earrings. Use the orange wood beads displaying his eyes and nose to separate your jewelry.


The jewelry holder is hand-crafted from repurposed metal and solid hardwood.

Base: solid black locust

Frame: metal

Bars: copper-plated steel

Buttons: natural wood, unfinished

Beads: painted wood

The wooden base is sanded smooth and finished with a long lasting environment friendly transparent impregnation containing 100% pure orange oil that tend to "fire" the wood to a golden honey color with a soft satin finish and retaining its texture (safe for toys). Hand stamped on the bottom.


width: 10,24" (26 cm)

depth: 2,75" (7 cm)

height: 13" (33 cm)

bars 15,35"/18,11" (39/46 cm)

weight: 14,8 oz (420 g)

About the Designer

LESS & MORE Vienna
Based in Vienna, Austria

At LESS & MORE, an Austrian, Vienna based label, we create minimalist home and office accessories that turn their contents into sculptural objects. Every single product is sustainably handmade from solid wood and stripped down to its most fundamental features. Combining fun and function we claim them to be multifunctional, durable and enjoyable to use....

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