Japanese Star Moss Ladies Boat neck tee in Eggplant

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The *Japanese Star Moss* design is based on a drawing I made, inspired by some photos in one of my National Geographic magazines. Since they are hand drawn, each little moss has it's own unique shape & personality.Printed with Plush green ink for a tactile effect, on a 3 quarter sleeved boat neck style of shirt by American Apparel. An amazing style to wear + so incredibly soft!Available in:*Color:* Luscious Eggplant(model is wearing a Medium) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Note: Due to the nature of Plush ink, the color and thickness of the moss may vary slightly.PHOTO CREDIT: Modeled by Hannah + beautifully shot by Rachel of "GetReadySetGo.Etsy.com":http://www.GetReadySetGo.Etsy.com - Make sure to visit her shop FILLED to the brim with amazing Vintage luggage!(model is wearing a Medium)

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