It's Not You / It's Not Me Gold Necklace

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Ana Linares Design
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16” Chain18k Gold-Plated Sterling SilverIn relationships, conversations can get tabled, feelings get bottled and next thing you know, you're summoned to having "the talk”. There’s no message that describes better a break-up than the one and only: “It’s not you, it’s me” or why not, “It’s not me, it’s you”Sure, it’s super cool to rock your own name, but why not rock instead the uncomfortable phrase that follows a break-up?Commemorate the moment with this beautiful necklace and turn it into a conversational piece!Made in USA"The necklaces where part of an offsite show called Uncomfortable Conversations during ICFF NY Design Week 2010":

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Ana Linares Design
Based in Brooklyn, NY

Ana’s designs have been viewed in numerous exhibitions including New York’s ICFF, 100% Design London, Brooklyn Designs, Art Basel."website":

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