However long the night, the dawn will break - Lightbox - 13 x 13 square

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This piece is a digitally created dream-like photo. It is comprised of MANY layers of other photographs and altered light sources to create a brand new image. I created this entirely in photoshop, as with almost all of my artwork. The 2nd image is just a closeup of the detail in this piece. It was then printed to film and overlayed on plexiglass to diffuse the light, and is protected by a clear sheet of plexiglass in front as well.The lightbox is handmade, and measures roughly 13" x 13" x 4.5"d and is easily wall mountable. As with all of my lightboxes they start out as strips of lumber and are cut down to the corresponding sizes depending on what each design needs.This includes a 40w energy saving CFL bulb already mounted in the box, it uses roughly 9w of power (about the same as a night light).You can see a million more of my lightboxes at my website, Thanks!

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Based in Boston, MA

I'm Munstre. I make handmade Lightboxes featuring either my custom designs, or one of a kind real X-Rays for use in your home, or office, or home office! I tend to work with anatomical themed images, but I also photoshop old 8mm film stills from the 60's which I alter slightly to heavily to make...

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