"Hoarfrost" Gold Earrings - Small

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All pieces of these set ( Ice crystals Earrings ) arise from an hexagonal lattice, which might recall an old "celosia", the traditional tile mosaics floors of Barcelona or the structure of ice crystals …They are finished with a satinated warm appeareance. Sterling Silver, 24 ct gold plated, 14 * 8 * 3 mm

Designed by Ana María Ramírez (Courier service also available. If you were interested please send me a message)

About the Designer

Based in Barcelona, Spain

BANDADA is a young brand of jewelry established in Barcelona by Ana María Ramírez y Adriana Díaz.Our proposal takes the form of jewelry and small format objects made after careful craftsmanship and industrial processes. We think of jewelry as a space for experimentation, seeking a balance between the expression and functionality."www.cuadernobandada.blogspot.com"

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