High Voltage

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One Kolor Designs
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Caution! I have a fascination with public domain icons that most people rarely notice. You'll see this one on power boxes everywhere. There's nothing cheeky about it...I just adore the graphic.Hand-printed on super-soft and lightweight Tultex Blends. Heathered Blue with Red Ink.

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One Kolor Designs
Based in Austin, TX

Hello. I'm Mario DiGiorgio. I'm a nationally-touring comedian/author who started designing and hand-printing t-shirts to supplement my income between gigs.
"Why _kolor_? That's stupid."
No, _you're_ stupid. And onecolor.com was taken.
I also like the idea of a mousy, self-aware slogan like: _Welcome to One Kolor Designs...where all our designs are just OK._
Some are snarky. Some are inside...

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