Hartwig Tribute Chess Set

$ 100.00
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A tribute to the famous Bauhaus Chess Set by Joseph Hartwig, bringing it to an “almost 2D” environment.Can be mounted on the wall to be played and displayed.Material and process: Sheetmetal Laser Cutting and automatic bendingDimensions: 300mm / 300mm / 20mmmore at "www.cucampre.com":cucampre.com or "facebook.com/cucampre":facebook.com/cucampre

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"*CUCAMPRE*":http://www.cucampre.com is the production of the mind of the designer *Olavo Machado Neto*.The idea is to bring some new and fresh forms and colors to everyday objects, furniture and lighting... Always with a unique style.What does *CUCAMPRE* mean? Figure it out, I know what it is but if you come up with a better story,...

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