Happy to be Dead Zip Up Hoodie

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When the HELLS ANGELS go snorkeling this is what they look for. ONe tough little sea critter. This is a very high quality men's Zip Up Hoodie . The design has been silkscreened profesionally and will not wash off. The Hoodie is black with metalic prints (nice mix of silver and gold ink)You can get any size we offer by buying this listing. Just be sure to leave a note saying what size you need when you pay.Sizing goes like this-S-34-36in(Chest),30-32in(waist)M-38-40in(Chest),32-33in(waist)L-42-44in(Chest),33-34in(waist)XL-46-48in(Chest),34-35in(waist)shipping is $6.5o anywhere in the USA *2nd item free shipshipping is $15 anywhere else on the planet*2nd item free ship

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AdAm and Hiromi met sept 13 2001 in Boston. Hiromi and some school friends took a Duck tour around Boston. AdAm (the tour photographer) took thier picture and sold it to them after the tour. There were no other customers because it was 2 days after 9/11, there was time to talk. As it turned...

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