HAPPY BUTTON ear studs posts (Limited Edition)

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Huiyi Tan Handmade Designer Jewelry
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These ear studs are from the HAPPY BUTTONS collection. All buttons in this collection are carefully selected.Diameter of the ear studs: 17mm (11/16 inch)Thickness of the ear studs: 4.5mm (3/16 inch)Color combination referred to the last image:A: Lemon + RoseB: Hunter Green + RoseC: Lemon + Deep Sky BlueD: Lemon + RegaliaThis list is for one pair of HAPPY BUTTON ear studs. At check out, please inform me your color choice.These are other pieces of jewelry from the same collection:"http://www.supermarkethq.com/designer/38959/collection/3288":http://www.supermarkethq.com/designer/38959/collection/3288These are other contemporary designer jewelry in my Supermarket shop:"http://huiyitan.supermarkethq.com":http://huiyitan.supermarkethq.com

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Huiyi Tan Handmade Designer Jewelry
Based in Cornwall, England, the UK

My name is Huiyi. I am a GIA accredited jewelry professional. I was first trained to be an interior designer for my bachelor degree, and gained my MA in Jewelry Design. After graduation, I lived in Fairfax, and Alexandira, Virginia State, America for about 4 years. Since June 2010, I have been active in the...

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