Handprinted Woodcut Collage Drum Lamp Shade-

$ 70.00
Jeanne McGee
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This unique lamp shade is made from my handprinted fabrics. I printed white fabric with my assorted hand carved designs, collaged the different fabrics onto styrene(a lampshade backing) and then coated the design with a sealer. This is a one-of-a-kind lamp shade.Great as a hanging(pendant) lamp, on a standing lamp or for a table lamp.Dimensions:top and bottom: 10"height: 8"

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Jeanne McGee
Based in Minneapolis, MN

All of the items in my shop are based on my original woodcut designs, which I hand carve and hand print in my studio. I love seeing my work brighten items that are used and seen every day. All the lampshades are individually designed and hand crafted by me. I hand print the paper (or...

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