Handmade custom faceted vase for flowers

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Studio Lorier
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Porcelain vase at a low resolution. Instead of smooth shapes, this contemporary piece is build up out of polygons. Every product is unique and handmade, so it will be a great eye-catcher in a modern interior. It has a very surprising shape, and has great reflection of the polygons. Made in high quality glazed porcelain, for a long lifetime.Available in high gloss white to emphasize the polygons. Due to the polygons, flowers will fit in the rim perfectly and make a full bouquet. Great to combine with other pieces or as a stand alone vase. This product is part of the Poligon collection of Studio Lorier, so see the main shop for more products. High quality for daily use and safe for Oven, Dishwasher and Microwave.Dimensions:Height: 18 cm (7 inch)Diameter: 12 cm (4 inch) Volume: 1,0 Liter (34 Fl. oz.)All products are handmade in the Netherlands.See www.studiolorier.com for more products of Studio Lorier.All rights reserved

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Studio Lorier
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Studio Lorier is an online platform for functional design. Subtle eye-catchers for daily use, handmade with great care. Dutch designer Sander Lorier tries to make surprising ideas, with a minimum use of resources and minimal shapes. On the other hand, the maximum will be achieved in usability, design and sustainability. Inspiration is taken from the...

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