Handmade Brown/Red Leather Adjustable Camera Wrist Strap by SimpleMachine NYC

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Simple Machine NYC
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Brown cowhide leather camera wrist strap. Red hand waxed hemp cord binding w/steel fasteners.Adjustable O Ring Grommet to secure strap on wrist. 9" strap length.Perfect for 35mm film cameras, rangefinders, digital point and shoots, and other small / mid weight cameras. Hand made in NYC.

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Simple Machine NYC
Based in East Village, NYC

I run a custom motorbike shop here in NYC. Prior to building bikes- I was shooting fashion and music editorial. Mai works as a Graphic Designer. We both like surfing, travel, our awesomely mean cat, and uncrowded waves.We got into making custom camera gear as a way to unwind after long days at the shop...

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