Handmade Black Leather Camera Neck Strap by SimpleMachine NYC

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Simple Machine NYC
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Deluxe Stealth Black Leather Camera Neck Strap. Hand cut from a beautiful heavyweight black cowhide and assembled with steel fasteners, hand waxed hemp binding, rubber grommets, and nickel plated rings. 20lb Black Waxed Hemp Binding.Great for rangefinders, SLRS, and Mirorrless Cameras.Handmade in NYC.

About the Designer

Simple Machine NYC
Based in East Village, NYC

I run a custom motorbike shop here in NYC. Prior to building bikes- I was shooting fashion and music editorial. Mai works as a Graphic Designer. We both like surfing, travel, our awesomely mean cat, and uncrowded waves.We got into making custom camera gear as a way to unwind after long days at the shop...

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