Hand-painted bow brooch and stripey fox, limited edition gift package and artist collaboration project with 10/10 design studio

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? About the limited edition, special collaboration project ?10/10 Design Studio’s collection of hand-painted paper bow ties caught my eyes a long time ago, even before we moved to Taiwan on the Summer of 2013. Naomi, living in the historic city of Tainan, has reinvented an old-fashioned men’s accessory into a modern, chic and stylish unisex fashion item. At that time, her bows were not even on Etsy and she was mainly selling through the many craft fairs all over Taiwan. I was lucky to meet her in person, became friends, and introduced her to Etsy. Her beautifully handcrafted bow ties deserve to be seen and worn by people from all around the world, and that’s how we began thinking about doing a collaboration together.The idea for a collaboration came up one day when I was admiring one of Naomi’s bow that I owned. Accidentally, I paired it up with of my animal coin purses and although being a little out of proportion, they look really great together. I tried it on a few others, posted a picture of a squirrel with the bow on my Facebook page and had an enormous response. It was at this point that I decided to send Naomi a few of my creations so she can come with a more suitably sized bow, and special color combinations for my designs. After some experiments, she was able to create a smaller bow with safety pin that can be used as an garnishment for a hat, a brooch or a bag charm.This is our first collaboration project. While the bow brooches and coin purses in the sets are available for separate purchases, we plan to sell twenty (20) limited-edition gift packages only. In addition to a combo discount, each package will also include a numbered collectable card with signatures of both artists.? About the special bow ?Naomi’s bow ties and other accessories were made with washable kraft paper, an environmental friendly, durable material that can be worked in various ways and offers limitless possibilities. She dyes every bow by hand by painting layers of non-toxic paints and finishes on them, making sure each layer is fully dry before the next application. The process means that every bow will be unique and one-of-a-kind, as its colors will be slightly different from the others. She then sew it all together into the shape of her desire. The choice of material means there is no room for any mistakes, as any miscalculation will leave an non-erasable mark or wrinkle on the item which must be discarded. This makes her bows such a great work of art and craftsmanship. It is my honor to work with her.? About this combination ?The contrasting stripes on Mr. stripey fox has promoted Naomi to look for a bright color combination for the matching bow brooch. The tropical colors of minty green and mango orange brings out the personality of the little fox and is perfect for the Summer.Approximate Dimensions (Bow Brooch)• Length: 7.5cm (3 inches)* Width: 3cm (1 1/8 inches)Approximate Dimensions (Coin Purse)• Kisslock frame width: 8.5cm (3 1/3 inches)• Height: 12cm (4 4/3 inches)

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