Hand Felted Pebbles - Summer Sea

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  • hand felted pebble
  • merino wool pebble

A handful of beautifully hand felted beach pebbles in assorted sizes and shapes. Just like real pebbles, but softer, warmer, and more touchable.

Each pebbles are carefully hand felted using softly spun merino wool. Every pebble is different in shape and size, this is a set of 7 felted pebbles in four different shades (turquoise blue, sea foam blue, teal, and fog). 

Spread these around on your coffee table, dinner table, or in a wooden bowl as shown in the picture above!

Pebble sizes range from 1" to 4" in diameter. No pebbles inside, this is all made of wool (outer layer is merino wool, inside is up cycled felted wool). Your set will look slightly different from the picture since each set is custom made.

About the Designer

Based in los angeles, california

DELICA is a small design studio in Southern California. It started as a small side project/hobby while working at an architecture office. This year I'm focusing on natural wool as main material to create hand felted pieces using traditional full and wet felting technique. All pieces are one of a kind, and are ready to...

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