Graphos Playing Cards

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Kiddo Collective
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Graphos Playing cards was created to inspire other designers, and also lay people to be more attuned with design through an increased awareness of the importance of typography in a fun and easy-to-understand way.Each card from the deck of Graphos Playing Cards will tell the unique story of a specific area of focus in typography. All spades highlight on the importance of “anatomy”; hearts on “classificiation”; clubs on “glyphs”; diamonds on “type setting”. Fonts are focused on sans serif, serif, script and decorative.This is definitely a collectible for typography lovers. It's not only beautiful to look at, but also functional. Each card indicates the font used in case you are wondering what it is and want to use it for your next design project.

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Kiddo Collective
Based in Canada

Michelle Lam is a graphic designer from Vancouver, BC. She is a multi-disciplinary designer with an aptitude in branding, digital and print. Ever since she was a young child, her dream was to have her own shop and share her designs with others alike. Through the support and encouragement from her family, friends and spouse,...

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