Gomme 02

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Sounds of Silence
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*Gomme - Colliers de Perles*»Gomme« is an innovative new jewelry collection. The classic pearl necklace is reinterpreted and transformed with the light and hard-wearing material latex into two-dimensionality._Gomme 02_Short NecklaceInternal diameter: ca.13 cmMaterial: 100% LatexColours: pearl, black, scarlet, violet

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Sounds of Silence
Based in Frankfurt

*Sounds of Silence*is a collaboration between the architect Petra Eichler and the artist and director Susanne Kessler, both based in Frankfurt/Germany. »Sounds of Silence« is equally the name of their first project, a series of installations about different qualities of silence, that founded their collaboration in 2005. Their works, so far installations, objects and environments,...

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