Gold Shimmer Sloucho Bag with Black Blue Jay

$ 21.00
Ryan Green
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Did you also know that male & female Blue Jays typically bond for life? And that Blue Jays can mimic human speech and have been known to use tools? No joke.This bag doesn't look that big, but it can hold a surprising amount of stuff! Shoes, a sweatshirt, wallet, phone, camera...Bag is lined with blue/pink/black plaid fabric.* 15" YKK zipper closure with ring-tab pull for easy opening* 1 strap* machine washable/dry flat on towel* approximately 20" at the widest point and 12" long. The strap is 44" from end to end.

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Ryan Green
Based in Hudson Valley of New York

Modern and colorful pillows, tea towels and bags handmade by Ryan Green in Beacon, New York. I will ship internationally - if you don't see your country listed please contact me for shipping info.If you like my shop, please connect with me in one or all of these places too!blog: ""twitter: ""facebook: ""Please review my...

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