Garden365™ Mobile Garden

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eserro Inc.
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This versatile indoor and outdoor mobile container garden is great for those who wish to garden but live where space is at a premium. This quality planter offers a generous gardening area (23.5”wide x 39” long x 7” deep) and a number of functional features. You can make room for special events or roll your garden indoors to keep enjoying the pleasures of gardening during those long winter months. Garden365™ Mobile Garden provides maximum mobility throughout your living space.*Portability* The Garden365™ Mobile Garden greatly facilitates portability of an otherwise heavy planter. It is an ideal solution for spaces that must serve numerous functions, such as decks and patios, or small living areas. For example, you can quickly and easily relocate the Mobile Garden to make room for a social gathering or you can bring your garden indoors over the winter months.*Deck Saver* The raised planter design of the Garden365™ Mobile Garden allows for maximum airflow underneath the planter so your deck stays dry and moisture problems are eliminated. In addition, the planter is equipped with two threaded water drainage ports (0.5” NPT) which can be connect to a hose to direct excess water away. These ports also allow multiple planters to be connected for easy watering or integrated in conventional hydroponic setups. When used indoors, these drainage ports can be sealed with the provided threaded plugs.*Durable Solutions* Garden365™ planters utilize a robust double walled construction. They are made of 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic to ensure years of reliable service. This durable material is weather, ultraviolet, and chemically resistant. The colour is completely blended into the material which greatly improves scratch and dent resistance. In addition, the frame and casters are made primarily of steel components for maximum strength and reliability. Your Garden365™ Mobile Garden is sure to remain looking beautiful for years to come.*Enduring Finishes* Garden365™ Mobile Garden's robust caster frame is finished using a powder coating process for maximum performance and minimum environmental impact. This finishing process will protect the components against corrosion and scratches. The powder coating process is more environmentally conscious because it eliminates manufacturing waste (overspray) and the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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We are *eserro™* - the creator of smart, beautiful, and environmentally considerate gardening products that satisfy real market needs. We are driven by creativity and inspired by nature. Our goal is to supply high quality, innovative, in-demand products to urban gardeners.The *Garden365™* product line is an innovative new selection of year round gardening products designed...

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