Garden365™ Elevated Garden

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eserro Inc.
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This innovative year round gardening solution offers a generous planting area (23.5”wide x 39” long x 7” deep) and a number of functional features. The ergonomic raised garden planter design is especially beneficial by enabling anyone to experience the joy of gardening without the associated aches or pains from the comfort of their home or patio. Garden365™ Elevated Garden is an ideal solution for any gardener.*Durable Solution*Garden365™ planters utilize a robust double walled construction. They are made of 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic to ensure years of reliable service. This durable material is weather, ultraviolet, and chemically resistant. The colour is completely blended into the material which greatly improves scratch and dent resistance. In addition, the frame and legs are made primarily of steel components for maximum strength and reliability. Your Garden365™ Elevated Garden is sure to remain looking beautiful for years to come.*Enduring Finishes* Garden365™ components are finished in a number of tough and enduring coatings. The steel legs are nickel plated and corrosion coated to ensure a high quality finish and to protect from them from rust. The remaining steel components are finished with a tough powder coating for best corrosion and wear resistance. The powder coating process is more environmentally conscious because it eliminates manufacturing waste (overspray) and the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC).*Environmentally Responsible* Garden365™ products are designed for years of reliable performance. Both plastic and steel components exhibit excellent stiffness to weight ratio, meaning they are lightweight and durable. The products were designed to ship as flat as possible. All components are easily taken apart and stored inside the planter during shipping. This minimizes fuel consumption while decreasing our carbon footprint. At the end of the product’s lifecycle, all of Garden365™ components can be easily separated and reused or recycled.

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eserro Inc.
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We are *eserro™* - the creator of smart, beautiful, and environmentally considerate gardening products that satisfy real market needs. We are driven by creativity and inspired by nature. Our goal is to supply high quality, innovative, in-demand products to urban gardeners.The *Garden365™* product line is an innovative new selection of year round gardening products designed...

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