Garden365™ Classic Garden

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eserro Inc.
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This innovative container garden provides a generous gardening area (23.5" wide x 39" long x 7" deep) for you to grow beautiful flowers, delicious vegetables or flavorful herbs. This planter is ideal for use on a balcony, patio, and deck or indoors by your favourite sun-filled window. Garden365™ Classic Garden can be used on its own or in conjunction with other Garden365™ products.*Versatility* When used outdoors, the dual water ports can be connected to a hose to direct away excess water, reducing the chance of unsightly mold or water damage on your deck or patio. These ports also allow multiple planters to be connected for easy watering or integrated in conventional hydroponic setups. When used indoors, the drainage ports can be sealed with the provided threaded plugs. Your Garden365™ Classic Garden will provide you with options to suit your changing gardening needs. *Durable solutions* Each Garden365™ planter is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic to ensure years of reliable service. This durable material is weather, ultraviolet, and chemically resistant. The dual wall construction which provides increased strength and durability also moderates the temperature of the growing medium. This feature promotes healthy root growth so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour all year long.*Colour*The colours are UV resistant so the containers can be used outdoors without the risk of fading or discoloration. In addition, the colour is completely blended into the material which improves scratch and dent resistance, allowing your Garden365™ Classic Garden to remain looking beautiful for years to come.

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eserro Inc.
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We are *eserro™* - the creator of smart, beautiful, and environmentally considerate gardening products that satisfy real market needs. We are driven by creativity and inspired by nature. Our goal is to supply high quality, innovative, in-demand products to urban gardeners.The *Garden365™* product line is an innovative new selection of year round gardening products designed...

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