G. I. Kitty Women's Deep V-Neck

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Sharp Shirter
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A couple of months ago, an image of Saddam Hussein shooting an RPG came up on my New York Times home page. I hadn’t seen his adorable face in a while so I snapped a screen shot of it and put it in my ideas folder. A few weeks later I was walking my dog Sophie around the block and we ran into 2 cats that were holding down the sidewalk on Cromwell Dr. As they eyed us and lazily whipped their tails, Sophie refused to take another step in their direction. We had to cross the road to get around them and they continued to stare us down as we circled the outskirts of their territory. At that moment it clicked. Cat -->the enemy --> Saddam Hussein --> Killer Kitty. I reached out to Chase Kunz to do this design and he knocked it out of the park!

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