Fruit Loop Fruit Frame

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This listing is for my new hanging fruit loop fruit frame. Originally designed for bananas, but I soon realized this could be used for grapes or other things, like a small bouquet of dried flowers or even a squash with a hole drilled in it's stem, You can hang what ever you would like to showcase in this rustic minimalist hanging frame. The loop is made with triple strand twisted annealed steel wire and is about 12 inches wide and tall. It is designed for standard ceiling height of 7 feet six inches. The jute hanging lines are 18 inches from the hanging loop to the bottom of the hook in the loop.The ceiling hook should face the way you want the loop to face. The loop does require adjusting after adding or removing items just put the loop in a straight up and down position and it will stay where you put it. It will handle just about any bananas but the small and medium bananas look best in the loop. This hanging frame and hook is made out of annealed steel wire  and should be protected from wet or damp to prevent rust. To clean and protect your fruit loop I recommend wiping with a cloth wet with vegetable shortening  or oil followed by a clean dry cloth every few months or as needed for cleaning.

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I have been making art for steadily for over twenty years. I was first inspired by Alexander Calder's mobiles and began making mobiles. From there I branched out into many various art forms and I love to create it is my greatest joy.I have sold my works all over the world.

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