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Holiday Matinee
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We've teamed up with our good buddies at "Furni": to give you a place to jot down all your creative inspiration and ideas. The Freelancer Notepads feature our motto ("Love Your Work, Work Your Love") on the cover, printed in soy ink 100% unlined recycled paper and made in the USA. They come in sets of 3, which are hand-wrapped with textured paper sleeves.Check out our "Flickr Gallery": to see some awesome people using The Freelancer notepads.All orders are sent via USPS. International orders may experience extended delays at customs. If you prefer FedEx/UPS or tracking please drop us a line before ordering. If you live in San Diego and would like to avoid shipping charges, please send us a message and we can arrange for you to pick-up at our office. If you want tracking on your order, please message us before ordering and we'll get you a quote. Thanks, yo!

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Holiday Matinee
Based in New York, San Francisco, London and San Diego

Hi. We're Holiday Matinee and we're obsessed with good design, social responsibility and promoting creativity. We publish a daily blog on creative inspiration. We started in 1999 and our motto remains, "Love your work, work your love."

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