Flowery River Reed Wrap S and M

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A warm breeze along a cool river bends the delicate stem of this very rare species.This wrap is 100% pima cotton (it's stretchy). Dark Chocolate with blended light green to yellow prints.You can get any size we have listed below. Just be sure to leave a note saying what size you need when you buy.here's the details....... S M Bust__32-34 34-36 Waist_26-28 28-30 Hips__36-38 38-40 ++++if you have any questions dont hesitate to askShipping $5 anywhere in the USA (freee each add. item). $8 everywhere else on the planet (freee each add. item). WE have a shirt for you!!! —-—-—-If you can’t find your size please let me know-——-

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AdAm and Hiromi met sept 13 2001 in Boston. Hiromi and some school friends took a Duck tour around Boston. AdAm (the tour photographer) took thier picture and sold it to them after the tour. There were no other customers because it was 2 days after 9/11, there was time to talk. As it turned...

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