Florence Bean

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* Listing Tools * Edit * Renew * Copy * Deactivate * DeleteFlorence BeanFrom DistrictThirtyFlorence BeanzoomFlorence Bean Florence Bean Florence Bean Florence Bean Florence Bean**Free shipping now and forever**A lovely hand-cut blue jay? Or whatever kind of bird you see.This is my version of a blue jay at least. The process of creating these birds begins with a doodle; sometime over a pint of Guinness :)This is sterling silver and handmade. The bail is made from gunmetal (iron) and I love the contrast of the sterling pendant with the shiny black bail.Florence Bean is hanging on a 16" sterling silver curb chain. Other lengths are available so please specify if you would prefer a different length.Measurements are approximate:just under 1" tall by 0.5" wide

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Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

I'm Alison from the beautiful Fraser Valley in British Columbia. I have, in the past year, been hand making jewelry and it will hopefully one day be all I do.I am influenced and inspired by nature, animals and simplicity.You can find my jewelry at various stores across Canada including Sweet Somethings Gallery on Salt Spring...

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