Felted Pebble Necklace - Limited Edition

$ 36.00
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  • hand felted merino wool necklace
  • hand felted, felted pebble

Limited Edition of hand felted pebble merino wool necklace. 

This super soft and light felted pebble is hand felted using softly spun merino wool, with attention to detail in recreating fine pressure lines with white merino fibers. 

The felted pebble hangs on a lightly waxed black cotton cord, with brushed pewter rectangular tubes to hold the felted pebble in place.

At 25" in length, and without fasteners, this minimally designed necklace sits right on your chest. 

Only a few made by hand, take this one while it's available!

About the Designer

Based in los angeles, california

DELICA is a small design studio in Southern California. It started as a small side project/hobby while working at an architecture office. This year I'm focusing on natural wool as main material to create hand felted pieces using traditional full and wet felting technique. All pieces are one of a kind, and are ready to...

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