Falling Rain drops on Triangle Copper Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain

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I wrote a terrible terrible poem in high school (maybe jr. high) about dancing in the rain and why are grown ups afraid of getting wet, when as children it brought us great joy...bla bla barf etc. Still, a good down pour brings about a special mood and summer storms are still the best. The rain drop shape holds special meaning to me and I love it as a pattern. *Then pendant is hand stamped so, each one will have a unique rain pattern.*Copper, triangle pendant is 18 x 18mm// .75" x .75" *The chain is sterling silver. *18"xoLena? instagram | niceLena? pintrest | niceLena? facebook.com | niceLena? website l niceLena.com

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I started my line in 2002, inside a gallery/boutique in Chicago called Monkey Business. While my background was in painting, I quickly fell in love with crafting and the speed at which I could express myself. It's sort of like doodling and sketching and way better suited to my short attention span. I'm good as...

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