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Perhacs Studio
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ON SALE 50% OFF ON CURRENT STOCK (previously $40)These colorful vases are made from 100% merino wool felt, glass tubes, and go together with black steel fasteners. They are available in 4 bold colors, each paired with charcoal gray.Vases can be combined in many creative configurations, forming minimal arrangements or elaborate center pieces.Each vase comes with one 1” x 6” glass tube. Dimensions: 3" × 5 1/4" × 7 1/2"Designed by Brandon PerhacsMADE IN THE USAcopyright © 2010-2011 Brandon Perhacs. Perhacs Studio.

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Perhacs Studio
Based in Bainbridge Island, WA

"Perhacs Studio":http://www.perhacs-studio.com is an independent multi-disciplinary design company headquartered in the forest of Bainbridge Island, Washington. Designer Brandon Perhacs focus is on sustainable design, and he derives much of his inspiration from the organic forms and systems of nature. He views design more as physical poetry and less as market driven commodity, and strongly believes...

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