Everything is OK Poster by Amos Kennedy

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The second in our series of OK prints, This limited edition letterpress print was created for us by Amos Kennedy, a printmaker based in Gordo, Alabama. Working with Amos is a matter of faith. This is how he describes his process:"Printing is what we do. You send the text and a check, and go home and pray. We do not know what will happen until we are at the press. The design of your poster is determined in real time. Sometimes we produce beautiful posters; other times we produce beautiful posters."We certainly believe this effort represents the latter. The poster’s form, content and method of creation hold special significance for us and for Amos — it was printed on November 4, 2008, Election Day. Amos Kennedy is the subject of a new documentary by Brown Finch Films, and was recently featured in STEP magazine. You can learn more about Amos and his work at www.kennedyprints.com.2-color letterpress on chipboard.12.5" x 19"Edition of 50

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