End grain Claro Walnut belt buckle

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This beautiful belt buckle is crafted from end grain Claro Walnut and aluminum. Claro Walnut is a true member of the Walnut family with more color, grain accent, and overall beauty than most other walnuts. With such a contemporary design, this belt looks absolutely fantastic on both men and women.The wood is set into a custom made solid aluminum backing with bezel. The bezel creates a gorgeous frame around the wood which really makes the vibrant wood "pop" even more. This belt buckle measures 2-1/8" wide by 1-13/16" tall. It will fit any standard 1-1/2" belt, but we do offer beautiful leather belts in either black or brown for only $18.00. This belt buckle is finished with an all natural beeswax finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood, seals it making it water resistant.If your belt buckle ever becomes or looks a bit worn, have no fear as a little 400 grit sandpaper and wax will bring it back to a perfect state.We obsess over every detail, and take pride in knowing the high quality of our pieces.

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