elvish hoop earrings, sterling silver twigs

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*elvish collection* cast and formed in solid sterling silver from slender budding twigs dreamy, delicate and deeply organic_...below me trees unnumbered rise, beautiful in various dyes: the gloomy pine, the poplar blue, the yellow beech, the sable yew, the slender fir that taper grows, the sturdy oak with broad-spread boughs...__from the poem Grognar Hill by John Dyer_*materials, details* sterling silver, lightly polished finish the hoops are about 2” in diameter (5.5cm)and come with a pair of safety earnuts

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Based in montreal, quebec, canada

Inspired by nature and human nature, "RedSofa":http://www.facebook.com/redsofa is a jewelry line by Montreal designer and silversmith Joanna Szkiela. Organic and edgy pieces for men and women are all about eclectic, unaffected style and understated elegance. RedSofa favors a rough-hewn sterling silver look, mixed with uncut stones, natural wood, fiber, and found objects. check out work...

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