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Start recording your dream experiences and personal reflections with this delightful dream journal set. The set includes a cheerful notebook made from recycled paper and a LED light pen for writing in the dark.Keep your Pulp Dream Journal and lighted pen near your bed so you can write everything that you remember as soon as you wake up!Design by: Tamir SheferTamir Shefer does not explain the hidden meaning of his art work. He tries to provoke the spectator by raising questions. He does that by integrating familiar symbols into his work. He believes that society today is overcrowded and such is his art work: dense, colorful and full of images. Tamir uses these images and symbols in a repetitive manner that takes on the aura of a meditative ritual. Sweet dreams!Number of sheets 115Papers cover 380 g/m²Paper content 90 g/m²Width 148 mm /5.8 inHeight 210 mm/ 8.3 inDepth 14 mm/0.55 inLed light pen×0.72×0.57 in14.5×18.5 mm/ 5.57 Products size 141.5×1 AAA battery

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Based in israel

The PULP brand was created as a result of a collaboration between two families – Covo and Federbusch – who share a longstanding passion for paper products. Each family owns and operates a family business going back some 100 yearsand spanning over fourgenerations.The Covo family business, established in 1901, specializes in paper, cardboard and fabric...

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