Dragonfly Notebook

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macey mack
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This little almost pocket sized notebook is 4.25" by 4.25" square shape with about 150 pages of blank white paper for you to fill in. It's about 1.25" stack of paper. The cover is as thick as two pieces of card stock paper. The binding is black wire, so it's durable.The illustration is done by macey mack in black ink and then changed around in Photoshop and then printed from a laser printer. Let me know what color you would like by sending me a message.

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macey mack
Based in Florida

my name is macey mack. little fat things and squares make me happy. i live in florida. i'm a graphic designer and artist and experimenter. out of the little books i make, if you want something else, like another color, or even another city i will make it for you. of course it will take...

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