Dr. Bear, Esq. - Mini Stuffed Toy

$ 10.00
Kirsse Wilton
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This is Dr. Bear, Esq., she'll steal your heart (because she's a surgeon) and get away with it (because she's also a lawyer.) The only way to foil her nefarious plot is to do as she says and pay the $10 (plus shipping) protection fee. Dr. Bear, Esq. is not messing around here so just do as she says.Dr. Bear, Esq. also wants you to know that she is 5 1/2” tall, printed on 100% cotton fabric with eco-friendly, water-based inks and stuffed with 100% polyester. She is custom sewn by our loving hands so each Dr. Bear, Esq. is unique with her own beautiful flaws that are natural to the production process.Dr. Bear, Esq. ©2013 Jesse Willmon

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Kirsse Wilton
Based in NYC

When the powers of Kirsten Sorton and Jesse Willmon combine they create the Kirsse Wilton. We create cute / evil / fun / destructive stuff that hopefully you will love... just the way we love you.

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