Double Sycamore Pendant Silver

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Justine Brooks Design
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As I child, I remember the "helicopters" falling down from the big maple tree in my backyard. After I made this pendant, I also learned another nickname for the sycamore pod, "Whirligig". This necklace is cast from an actual maple seed out of Bronze, which is then silver plated. This process is similar to an old jewelry technique called lost wax casting. This piece comes on a 18" sterling silver fine curb chain. The bronze silver plated pendant is oxidized to show off its natural beauty. The pendant width is 6.4 cm and the height is 4 cm.w 6.4 cm , 18" chain

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Justine Brooks Design
Based in Whistler, Canada

Embarking on a nine month epic solo trip throughout the Middle East, East Africa, and Asia; Justine’s passion for researching stones, metal techniques, and design is obvious. The designer is continually creating opportunities to explore different countries in search of learning more about jewelry from around the world. Justine was invited to attend Santander Fashion...

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