DIY - mobile - clouds with birds - large

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Here´s an inviting product for little artists to take part in its creation! White cardboard birds and clouds wait to be painted and coloured in... It can be a delightfull interaction at a children´s party or just something fun to do between friends or brothers and sisters - everyone can help... in the end the parents will be needed to help hang up the mobile - all parts needed are included in the package. the white cardboard 1,5mm thick will insure the longlife of the little dancing piece of art.package includes: 9 birds, 3 clouds, 2 hangers stainless steel, red thread for hangingmaterial: white cardboard 1,5 mmsize: height x width single bird 6 x 10 cm, cloud 7 x 15 cm, size of the whole mobile 80 x 80 x 80 cm

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Based in Hamburg, Germany

bombdesign plays with linear shapes, contrasting colour combinations and handdrawn pattern. We offer design products for tall and small in our kids collection and home collection. bombdesign is based in Hamburg, Germany. We started our label for furniture and product design in 2002 with a first presentation at Salone Satellite in Milan - many national...

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